Update time

HI :3

It certainly has been a while, hasn’t it?

The last time I posted was back in early February and so many things have happened since that time. I finished my first year of uni and I’m currently on summer vacation (woop!). While some may say that only the spring season has passed, for me, it’s been more like: midterm season (pt. 1), rest and catch up season, midterm season (pt. 2), season break then… the dreaded finals season. I’m happy to say that I managed so much better in my second term of uni than my first in terms of academics, managing my social life and relationships and trying to stay in balance with myself.

This summer, I really want to try to motivate myself to write constantly. Whether it be on this blog, on my other blog (more on that later), for some story drafts or for lettering, I want writing to be a skill that I am constantly improving. During the past school year, I was unable to write as much as I wanted to because I had to focus on other stuff. If anything, this following year will be even more hectic because I plan to take a heavier workload than last year so I really hope I can learn to manage my time wisely.

Moving on to my next update… I have a new blog! The blog is titled Words At Heart and it’s mostly for my lettering- inspired posts. I will still post on little Purple Mage from time to time if it’s something more personal or rant- related.  Feel free to drop by there to check it out!

Anyway, that’s all for now. I just wanted to post an update to you guys but if you have any more questions or you just wanna catch up, feel free to comment it or send me an email and we can talk some more!


Ro (little Purple.Mage)


Because why not, right?

HI :3

So… that 30 day challenge sure didn’t last very long. Right from the start, I had some doubt that I would be able to complete that challenge because I had just started it right before midterm season and I was also feeling pretty fatigued at that time since I would always average 3-4 hours of sleep every night no matter how tired I was. Despite that, I figured I should give it a shot. Because why not, right?


Anyone who has been following my blog for quite some time know that I am very passionate about writing and I only publish the best content I can create. My posts are about my life experiences, my interests (AKA obsessions) with books, fandoms, anime, quotes, Pokemon reviews, tales of introversion as well as relatable and inspirational stories. Sometimes, I post the odd rant about something that I’m extremely passionate about at a certain point in time and I love writing content like that because I’m proud of being able to convey my deep feelings and thoughts into words for others to read and understand. Now what exactly is the point behind me telling you all this?

As I mentioned, I attempted the 30 Day Writing Challenge in order for me to get back into the swing of writing. I figured that having something to write about everyday would help me create a habit. The thing is, I realized that if I’m given a prompt to write about then the content I create isn’t exactly one that resonates with me and the overall experience isn’t as memorable as it normally would be. And that just isn’t me at all.

I always try my best to invest my time into something I’m passionate about which helps me make the best experiences. I don’t really like doing things half-heartedly because that makes the memory dull and boring. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that literally everything I choose to do is something I’m passionate about. So, for example, I could be writing and doing research for an essay topic that I don’t particularly care for at all but I do care about the class I’m writing it for. Or maybe it’s the class that I find boring but the overall experience and lessons I learned in that school year, both inside and outside the classroom, is what I’m passionate about earning.

During the past year, I’ve been trying my best to create more of these amazing memories and experiences in my own way. Because why not, right? Blogging remains one of those experiences for me, as well as attending my first year of university. Both are definitely not easy tasks to accomplish but are extremely rewarding not only in the what the final destination will be, but also in the journey I am currently taking to get there. During the later half of 2016, I began to try out more things like planning out a novel that I want to write, lettering quotes and attending more social events to name just a few. After some reflection, I realized that there’s actually more than one reason for why I do these things. I don’t do them just because I’m passionate about them, I do them because they help me become braver and more confident which, in turn, helps me try out more new things.

Doing all these things have led me to realize that I have so much potential locked inside of me and maybe I just lacked the confidence to reach inside and let it all out. But the more I do them, the more I want to try more things all while thinking, “because why not, right?” I’m only 18 and I still have my whole life ahead of me to be able to do all of these amazing things in order to create the best experiences I can. As someone who used to nearly always think “better safe than sorry“, I honestly don’t see this new mentality as being reckless and doing stuff “cuz #YOLO, amirite?” No, this new mentality is something that is helping me grow to the person I want to be and not get stuck in my old ways.

It’s also during this point in my life where a lot of people are asking me, “what do you want to do in the future?” While I do want to do something worthwhile for myself and for others around me, I will still truthfully answer “I don’t know”. Because I honestly don’t. A lot of new things could happen tomorrow, the next week, the next month or the next year  which could affect my answer. If I was somehow able to go back in time and tell myself, “Hey, a year from now, you’ll be writing an awesome blog, be studying in one of the best universities in Canada and you’ll be more confident in social events” then I would probably just give myself the most incredulous look I can manage (and not just because of the time travel element). I didn’t know I would be able to get the chance to do all of these amazing things. The main reason being: I didn’t know I had the power to open the door to all these life-changing opportunities. But I do. We all do. No matter how old we are, where we’re from or what we used to be in the past, I believe that there’s always something new waiting for us and maybe all it takes for us to open the door is a little voice inside of us to whisper, “because why not, right?”

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you all in my next post!

~Ro (little Purple.Mage)

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #4

HI :3

As a way for me to get back into the swing of writing, I’ve decided to start the 30 Day Writing Challenge which are a series of prompts to write about. There are different versions of this on Pinterest but I picked one that was the most stimulating for me. Since some prompts are very short, I decided that I would add an extra comic or drawing here and there or maybe elaborate more on some topics. I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to do the challenge along with me if you want 🙂


There is no way for me to just pick one person to write about. As soon as I saw this prompt, I immediately thought of 5 people who I wanted to write about so that’s what I’m going to do because I want to make this challenge as unique as possible to me. For each person I write about, I’m going to identify one thing or action that they continually inspire me to do.

1) To smile

I speak about my little sister quite often in my blog. She can somehow sense whenever my mood is off and she tries her hardest to make me feel so much lighter. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like it when others are too persistent in asking me what’s wrong and she understands that. What she does is something more subtle like showing me funny memes, drawings, videos or randomly spouting phrases that may seem nonsense to others but makes complete sense to both of us. Despite everything else going on, it makes me crack a little smile and it reminds me that there’s always light shining in the darkness. All you have to do is find it and turn it on.

2)  To find the eye of the storm

In a stressful situation, I can be two people: one, the wide eyed girl with messy hair and papers, thoughts and words flying everywhere; the other, a sullen figure incapable of thinking straight, just trying her hardest to finally find a solution. In times like these, my best friend reaches out to me in my internal storm and makes everything calm down again. She listens to me rant and rant until I’m out of breath and can no longer find any more words to say. She patiently listens to me even though I’ve repeated the same thing a million times already. She doesn’t mind just being there with me as I go through my situation and ever her presence makes everything a lot more bearable. With her, I remember to find the eye of the storm.

3) To perceive things at a different and better angle

The past few years have been one of the most challenging years in my entire life. I’m sure it’ll get even harder from here on out but my dad inspires me to take a step back and find another way to tackle the challenge. Often times, I get stuck on a problem and I almost always get frustrated because I usually stick to the same method when solving them. Of course, this doesn’t always work and my dad encourages me to think outside the box and find ways to surpass that obstacle.

4)  To show continuous love

Ever since university started, I just realized that my mom’s continuous reminders of little things to do in life is one of her ways to show that she loves me. Sometimes, I do get annoyed because she always seems to repeat herself and I have to constantly remind her that I can take care of myself. Yet, small things like “have you eaten yet?” or “text me when you get home safe” are just other sincere ways of saying “I love you”.

In life, we often realize that we forget to let our loved ones know that we love and appreciate their impact on our lives. But, we also forget that love can be expressed in a multitude of ways and it can be found in small everyday things that often go unnoticed. My mom inspires me to show and find continuous love in a world that can be seemingly too dark and cruel at times.

5)  To keep pressing on

I hate giving up. I’m the kind of person that will not rest until I find the solution to a problem. But what happens when you’ve tried every way that you could think of? There have been too many nights where all I could do was hopelessly stare into space because it just seemed too much for me to get back up and try again. Sometimes, it would be too tempting to just admit defeat and stay where I am. And yet, somehow I stood up again. Another one of my best friends have constantly inspired me to keep pushing forward even though life just kept throwing problem after problem into my face.

So even though everything literally seems like it can’t be resolved, just remember to breathe and try again. Determination can bring you forward to a place better than you could ever dream of.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you guys in my next post!

~Ro (little Purple.Mage)

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #3

HI :3

As a way for me to get back into the swing of writing, I’ve decided to start the 30 Day Writing Challenge which are a series of prompts to write about. There are different versions of this on Pinterest but I picked one that was the most stimulating for me. Since some prompts are very short, I decided that I would add an extra comic or drawing here and there or maybe elaborate more on some topics. I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to do the challenge along with me if you want 🙂


1) When a song is playing and it isn’t completed

I’m hanging out with my friend one day and we were both doing our homework. He’s got a nice and catchy song playing on his phone- one that I haven’t heard in a while so I’m enjoying myself listening to it. As the song reaches its climax, I prepare myself to sing along with it aaaand… the lyrics suddenly die. I silently turn to my friend with a death stare who just shrugs and says, “Yeah, I don’t like finishing songs.”

“Yeah, well I don’t like it when songs aren’t finished and I don’t like people who don’t finish them!!!”

Just kidding, I didn’t yell that… out loud.

2) When I’m in a rush and people in front of me suddenly have their speed reduced

This has happened to me so many times but it seems to happen more often when I need to get somewhere in a rush. For example, I sometimes have to run to my next class because it’s on the other side of campus and every single time there will always be that one group of people who just seem to be crawling at the sidewalk. It’s during times like these where I always imagine that Pokemon exist and I can just have my Gallade instantly teleport me to my next class so that I don’t have to deal with these kinds of situations and get the urge to just barrel through people.

My current solution is to just mumble an “excuse me” while trying to squeeze past. #toonice

3) When people are so unnecessarily loud at weird times

This usually happens when I’m trying to concentrate on work or just get some sleep. When people are loud when I try to work, I usually don’t mind since I can block them out with headphones or, worst case scenario, move elsewhere. But when I’m trying to get some beauty sleep, those aren’t exactly options because: (1) I don’t like having headphones on while I’m sleeping and (2): I can’t exactly just get up and move my bed where it’s quieter. Yet, there will always be those people who have such echoing movements that literally every single time they do something, the sound just vibrates. These actions may go unnoticed when it’s daytime but when it’s the middle of the night and you’re trying to get some sleep? Dude… at least try to be more considerate and tone it down, will you?

That’s enough ranting for one day. Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you guys in my next post!

~Ro (little Purple.Mage)

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #2

HI :3

As a way for me to get back into the swing of writing, I’ve decided to start the 30 Day Writing Challenge which are a series of prompts to write about. There are different versions of this on Pinterest but I picked one that was the most stimulating for me. Since some prompts are very short, I decided that I would add an extra comic or drawing here and there or maybe elaborate more on some topics. I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to do the challenge along with me if you want 🙂


Brace yourself mages, it’s extreme story time.


A friend of mine asked me this question well over a year ago yet I still remember the context behind it as if it just happened, and let me tell you… it wasn’t exactly a pretty one. Let’s set the scene, shall we?

It was a December school day and it just so happened that on that particular day, I had to attend a field trip to another school with my French class. Being able to skip all my other lessons and visiting another school made it seem like such a perfect day. I had a great time experiencing life as a French student and their classes were also really interesting (they actually had a Computer Science class!) so overall, the day went extremely well. When we arrived back in our school, I was so eager to catch up with my friends and tell them all about my cool experiences. When I came up to them, the first thing (from what I remember anyway) my friend asked was, “Why are you so happy?” in a leering tone.

Immediately, my brain just stopped in its tracks and wondered, “what the hell went wrong while I was gone?”

You see, I didn’t get to say goodbye to my friends before we left for the school trip and if I did get the chance to meet them that morning then maybe things would’ve gone differently in the afternoon. Something terribly upsetting had happened to one of my friends (I won’t go into detail on what it was) and I didn’t get to learn about it until after the question had already stabbed into my soul.

During the time it took for the question to be asked and explained (literally split seconds), I could actually feel my heart crack a little bit. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know why that question had been asked. I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know why me being happy seemed so atrocious to my friend at that moment that it actually made me question myself, “should I not be happy at all?”

There are a few reasons why so many things happened inside of me all at once when my friend posed that question. At that time, I was facing the pressure of several deadlines, tension between my friend group and the stress from mock exams. A lot of things or situations I encountered at that time seemed to be another problem I had to deal with so that’s why my immediate reaction to that question was the dread of having to face another problem. I thought that maybe I would be able to count that day as one of my “highs” where I realized that there are amazing moments despite all the bad stuff going on. That question just toppled over that thought in a flash.

However, when my friend explained the reason why they had asked that question, I did understand the extremely heavy weight of what had happened to them and I did sympathize with them. I acknowledged that the situation they were in was incredibly stressful and maybe that’s why seeing me so happy suddenly seemed so out of place for them that they just asked the question without a second thought. When I finally understood their side of things, the negative thoughts inside me died down. Yet, I will never forget how that question made me feel.

Now, the point of this story isn’t to argue whether or not my friend’s situation was bad enough for them to ask me such a question with an inconsiderate tone. I’m also not here to debate why they even asked me that in the first place. My point is, without any context whatsoever, that question hurt me. Key phrase is: “without any context whatsoever”.

This may be stupidly simple for me to say but the fact is that, unless other people tell you, you have no idea what they’re going through or what they have gone through. You and I don’t know how each other feel or what we think unless we show it through our words and actions. And because of this, I just want to remind everyone to always be extremely careful with what we communicate to others because we usually have no idea what we’re going through or have gone through. Saying hurtful things or conveying them in a bad manner may be harmless to you or you may not even realize that you said anything that could hurt them but it will affect the other person. Sure, you may be in a terrible mood or something horrible just happened to you, but just try not to be toxic to your surroundings – meaning the people around you. It just doesn’t seem to be the best way of resolving anything.

I understand that the world is a cruel place to be in. Sometimes, it can get extremely difficult to keep being civil or nice to others especially on days that just don’t go right. But I guess all I’m hoping for that there are some people out there who still manage to do just that. So now, all I ask for anyone reading this is to try your best to sincerely smile to at least a few people you meet today. A sincere smile, even without any context, can still be a shining light in the darkness.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you guys in my next post! 😀

~ Ro (little Purple.Mage)

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #1

HI :3

As a way for me to get back into the swing of writing, I’ve decided to start the 30 Day Writing Challenge which are a series of prompts to write about. There are different versions of this on Pinterest but I picked one that was the most stimulating for me. Since some prompts are very short, I decided that I would add an extra comic or drawing here and there or maybe elaborate more on some topics. I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to do the challenge along with me if you want 🙂


This list is NOT in order. It’s just what came in to my mind as I wrote it.

1) Brush Lettering

I mentioned in my last blog post that I recently started to learn brush lettering back in late October- early November. I’m not really sure what exactly made me want to start learning the techniques but it did help me cope with the first term of university. In some sense, brush lettering was therapeutic for me because I would watch others do it and it seemed hypnotizing. When I first started, my hand was shaky and the phrase I was lettering certainly did not look appealing. But I kept at it and now being able to (re)create beautiful quotes is very relaxing for me and that makes me happy.

2) Writing

I’m pretty sure this is a self explanatory one by now. What I will say is that writing helps me communicate to the world what I can’t through speaking.

3) Drawing

Most of you have seen my drawing skills and, while they’re not exactly something to write home about, I’m still super proud of them. Last term, I started to draw a lot more and I even tried to participate in Inktober- where you have to draw something everyday using ink for the month of October. I didn’t exactly complete Inktober but it was still pretty fun because drawing almost everyday did help me keep my mind off any bad moments and it helped me improve my skills.

4) Drinking coffee

Some people say that I’m addicted to coffee and maybe they’re right. But who cares? I certainly don’t. Now you know why I’m short (‘cuz coffee stunts your growth apparently). But unlike most people who say “I like my coffee black… like my soul” or something of a similar caliber, I actually prefer my coffee bittersweet (which is more like me). I usually put a lot of milk and sugar in my coffee or I add dark chocolate to it so that it tastes like a mocha. (Fun fact: I’ve loved anything mocha flavored ever since I was a toddler and I still do).

5) Listening to Music

Whenever someone asks me what kind of music I’m into, I always draw a blank. It’s not that I’m ashamed of the music I listen to, it’s more like I listen to a variety of things so it’s hard to list them all at once. I love listening to covers of mainstream music and I very rarely listen to their originals. The only originals I ever listen to are OSTs from games and anime because they always make me soo emotional or pumped up. I also like to sing my heart out but only when I’m sure that no one’s listening.

6) Finally getting something done

It always brings a huge smile to my face whenever I finally finish a project or a task I’ve been working on for soooo long. I get such a huge sense of satisfaction whenever I cross something off my to-do list because it gives me the illusion that I am productive and not always procrastinating.

7) Making my own food

Now that I’m in uni, I can’t actually cook my own food because we’re not allowed to and this made me realize how much I miss being able to have the luxury of cooking my own meals. For me, cooking isn’t a chore that I dread but something I actually look forward to because I can make whatever I want and not have to be limited to always buying food from the same restaurants or shops.

8) Re-watching my favorite game series on YouTube

I’m one of those people that have no problem listening or watching something on repeat as long as it’s really really amazing or hilarious. Case in point: I have several YouTube playlists of my favorite videos sorted by: ‘Funniest’, ‘Dan and Phil’, ‘Kubz Scouts’, etc. and I like to watch them whenever I need to get my mood lifted or I have them on the background while I’m drawing, brush lettering or writing. As I’m writing this post, I’m watching Jacksepticeye play ‘Papers Please!’ and it’s extremely hilarious.

9) Spending quality time with those I care about

Being in university means I don’t usually get to spend time with my favorite people because of crazy schedules and most of my best friends are in different timezones so it’s extremely difficult to find a great time to talk. Because of all this crazy time worries, even sending memes or having conversations that have pauses that lasts hours is something that makes me happy. I’ve grown to appreciate all the little things that help me connect with them.

10) Getting that ‘Eureka’ moment

You know those moments of extreme happiness that you get after you’re able to finally understand or do something you’ve spent so long working on? I’ve been getting a lot more of those the past few months but I’m also usually too tired to celebrate my little achievement. Still, I absolutely love that moment where I just do a victory pose in the middle of the night because I was finally able to solve that math problem or understand a hard concept.

That’s all for today. I look forward to seeing you guys again!

~Ro (little Purple.Mage)


HI! :3

So… been a while, huh?

Honestly, when I started writing this post I wasn’t even sure what to begin talking about. There’s so much to say and yet in my mind, it’s all just a huge jumble and I can’t seem to sort out what I want to say and in what order so please bear with me. I usually plan out my posts before writing them but this is a different case. I guess that’s where I should start.

The last post I wrote was in August of last year. It wasn’t even a “I’m taking a break from blogging” post. It was a post about an award I got nominated for and after that I just… couldn’t bring myself to write another post anymore. It seemed very abrupt and the decision to discontinue my blog writing was difficult to make because I felt like I was letting people down by not writing or not being present in the blogosphere. I felt like I was letting myself down because I wasn’t doing what I was passionate about and that I just abandoned something I loved doing. However, I don’t want anyone thinking that that’s something negative. I had to put my writing down abruptly because I knew that making a “I’m taking a break from blogging post” would just make me second guess my choice and it would be too hard for me to do since I also didn’t know when I would be coming back. I just had to prioritize something else in my life at that time. That time, that summer, was my last summer before going into university.

Earlier last year, I got accepted into a Canadian university and I was super excited because I’ve never been to North America before, let alone Canada. I was going to start a whole new life and make whole new memories and I was excited yet extremely nervous at the same time. That’s the main reason why I decided to take a break from blogging. I figured that I should give myself some time to ease into my new life, university and surroundings, even if it meant having to stop blogging for a while. I considered the idea of blogging my experiences as they happened so that I would be able to cope with the new transition more easily but I decided that some privacy was needed while I settled. Also, I didn’t think I could juggle blogging and settling into uni so I hope you all understand.

University started last September and I have to say, it was definitely something to get used to. I thought about coming back to this blog a few times last term because I was going through some rough patches and I thought that writing would help me deal with it better and again, I decided against it. I felt like anything I wrote during those moments wouldn’t be something that I would be proud to reread or show off to other people so I decided not to write. However, as of now, I’m adjusting well to my second term. There’s already a lot of work to do and I’ve been so busy during these past couple of weeks. I feel like my life has become more stable now more than ever in the past few months so I decided to come back to blogging. That being said though, I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to have a post schedule because of my studies and other commitments. But then again, I didn’t really have one of those last summer either and it still turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done so I guess there’s no harm in not having one this time around.

Yes, blogging has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Being in this community, being able to share my thoughts and feelings with fellow bloggers and/or other readers, being able to do something I was passionate about and being able to connect with other people who had the same passion really changed something inside of me. I somehow became more fearless. I hear that a lot of people do something different for their last summer before uni. I read about stories of people going on senior trips, travelling the world with their friends, learning new skills, working internships, meeting new people and just doing something exciting and new. Well, that was blogging for me. Maybe some might think that staying at home on most days (literally everyday for me) and just typing away on the computer wasn’t something worthwhile. But for me it was, and it still is. Blogging reminded me the power of writing- how I’m able to share my experiences and read about your own adventures helped me meet new people and in a sense, travel the world through your stories. It helped me open my mind to new perspectives or helped me learn about new things that I would’ve never heard about before. In a way, I was also able to refine my writing skills and try to work on my weird drawing ability.

Probably one of the most significant things that I picked up from my blogging was being courageous and taking chances. I realized that me blogging helped me to become braver and do things that I otherwise wouldn’t even consider doing. The mere decision of starting and keeping up my blog was something I considered a brave thing to do because I am a private person and the idea of sharing my thoughts and feelings to the world just didn’t sit right with me at first. But I took it. And it was one of the best decisions ever because I got so much from it and I met every single one of you too. But I guess not properly. So I think that Now is the time to do that.



Hi mages. My name is Ro. I love the color purple and the anime Fairy Tail. I’m also kinda short for my age so I came up with another name: the little Purple Mage… Idk why but that reminded me of how I say the little Mermaid… I’m also really weird if you haven’t yet noticed. I like to write, draw, cook, eat, play video games and sleep. I’m more of a private person that’s slowly becoming more confident but still someone who stays true to their introvert roots and I’m proud of it (#introvertsunite). I’ve recently started to learn brush lettering and it’s something I hope to develop alongside my writing.

I’m looking forward to continue sharing my adventure with you guys 🙂

~ Ro (little Purple.Mage)

PS. I don’t mind what name you use to address me. It can be Purple, Ro or Mage or        whatever you guys fancy (just don’t roast me, I do that myself) 😛

Edit: yes I do realize that I accidentally wrote 2016 under my name in the picture…  Cut me some slack I know you guys do it in the first few months of the year too